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Hidden Marrakech 

Think of this personalized daytime tour of the Marrakech medina as a tasting trail meets historical tour. We push open the doors others only dare photograph to discover the secrets of the medina.

Expect to explore the local street food scene, take in an art exhibitions you may not otherwise know about, and discover centuries-old spaces with stories to tell on a tour that you will leave you with a greater understanding of the local culture. We'll point out other well-known points of interest easily discovered with the help of a guidebook, but prefer to show you the hidden Marrakech we know and love.


Think of it has hanging out with a friend in Marrakech, but the kind of friend who knows where to shop, what exhibitions to see, top picks for people-watching, and the sites that still have her in awe after  years of living in the red city.

Lunch and daytime street food favourites are included. 

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