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Tasting Marrakech Gueliz

A neighbourhood developed and occupied by the French during the Protectorate era, this food and cultural tour takes travellers visiting the new city beyond the iconic gardens and the well-known café scene (although we love those spots too).


Step inside an art-deco church in the heart of Gueliz before wandering through some of the backstreets of this neighbourhood steeped in history where art-deco theatres and apartment-blocks-turned-contemporary-art-galleries, street-side cafes and even street art installations dot the neighbourhood. 


We’ll stop for snacks that guests may not otherwise sample during their stay in Marrakech. We’ll visit art galleries tucked inside art-deco gems and down unassuming side streets before visiting some of our favourite designers in their showrooms. 

After all, there is more to discover in Marrakech than just the medina! 

This three-hour tour includes a local guide, tastings and (non-alcoholic) drinks, entrance fees, and tips as required. Contact us for price and availability!


Check out our Tasting Marrakech Gueliz tour in Condé Nast.

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